Monday, 4 October 2010

Street corner

That girl on the corner with the miniskirt and overdone make up stood there
Maybe she was bought up in a sinister home and her life just isn’t fair
Her boss makes her wear the cheap boots foundation
Just to give her a start on pulling the punters at the train station

Has she got a habit or two young mouths to feed
If it’s a habit does the back of the car accident pays for her quick speed
As the boss gets more pleased with his greed
All she can think about is when will she be freed
Some say she doesn’t give cash back
But the younger guy claimed he got a rash back

This lady of the night who stands below the red light got promised everything would be alright
Another night she goes back to her grubby little den to take back her cow & gate
Then the baby’s nod off at eight next to their aunty Kate
Her routine eventually starts again
Overall when some ladies sign up to this occupation
They get offered strawberries and champagne
But instead of the Hilton hotel , their work placement is often Piccadilly station

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