Monday, 26 September 2011

The girl in the Joy Division tshirt ( first attempt)

Oh darling there's too many collisions in our path
Just trying to suss it all out but it's like a tricky piece of math
That night when you tasted of malboro and red lipstick
That taste that was so beautiful but went so quick

Sent me a drunken text after a few smirnoff ice
The Joy Divison tshirt I saw then just about sufficed
That Oliver Tate coat you've got lights up a million faces across Broadway
Leaving all hope that the figure behind it will be mine someday

Tommorow text me the directions and meet me at Piccadilly
Paris, Rome, Manchester, I'll be there.
Whatever you choose is just quite alright for me today

But baby the cuddles in the art cafe and all my common sense took a u-turn
Just a u-turn for you my love.

Do you believe in Cupid?
Do you believe he has a plan or we should just go with it and not kid ourselves
But where would be now if you never liked my Morrissey words
Would you be around because if you was that feeling would be like confectionary to a child
I'm sure though one day we would of met by the shore and your sixties red lipstick would of smiled

Tomorrow I'll try to live up to your aspirations
But I hope you dont mind me trying my best today.

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